Southern Comfort in the heart of Cozumel

Diving  In Cozumel



Cozumel is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System  which is the 2nd largest in the world once called Palancar Reef.  Jacques Cousteau 1st came to Cozumel in 1961 an introduced the world to Cozumel’s beautiful white-sand beaches, crystal clear water and abundant sea life.
Since his introduction Cozumel has quickly grown to one of the premiere dive sites in the world as well as top cruise destination. This area offers great diving for the beginner as well as the most advanced diver.
In Cozumel you get it all from the giant eagle rays, to the beautifully rare splendid toad fish.One of the main attractions of diving in Cozumel is the close proximity of the reefs to the island itself.
Travel time is cut down significantly and more time is spent enjoying the underwater world of Cozumel.

Below is a list of most of the sites available to dive:

Airplane Wreck  30’ – 40’ shallow dive in front of el cid la ceiba hotel, pieces of the plane remain intact, be aware of rip current when cruise ships docking and leaving from pier, good check out dive area.

Barracuda Wall   45’ – +100’ north area of island, very strong current only advanced divers

Barracuda Reef 45’ – +100’ north area of island, very strong current only advanced divers

Barge Wreck C-53 30’- 40’ feet  wreck dive  easy to penetrate hull, home of large green moray eel , easy dive with current being blocked by wreck on most dives.

Colombia Deep 60′ – 90′ Large drop off gives the feeling of floating in space, spectacular colar formations  a photographers dream location. Large turtles have been seen in this area

Colombia shallows 15′ – 35′ relaxing easy dive with lots of small sea life

Dalila Reef 25’ – 80’ mild currents with a good variety of marine life Angel fish can usually be seen in this area as well as a few green moray eels.

Villa Blanca Drop-Off  69’ – +100  one of my favorites as it is overlooked and teaming with marine life, green eels, lion fish and  ever eagle rays can sometimes be seen here.

Francesa Reef 40’ – 65’ unpredictable current many hidden large animals but must have great spotting skills as to not overlook them.

Maracaibo Reef 60’ – +100 very strong current only advanced divers

Punta Tunich 50’ – +100’ strong current but home to large green morey eels and large groupers generally seen together.

Cedral Reef  33’ – 60’ wonderful site to photograph large groups of fish but sometimes current makes this a tricky dive, be prepared to “tuck in” in order to get the pic

Cedral Wall 40’ – +100 similar to santa rosa with lots of sponges , very nice dive

Palancar Bricks  60’ -90’ white sand bottoms and colorful large coral formations offer a breathtaking view of the Palancar dive sites.  Keep your eye out for the occasional turtle, shark and eagle ray sightings are very common in this area.

Palancar Shallows 17’-69’ wonderful shallow dive with lots on marine life

Palancar Garden 17’ – 69’ well named for its beautiful colors and brightly colored fish.

Palancar Horseshoe 30’ – +100’ colorful reef with many animals well hidden  a flashlight is a must have.

Palancar Caves 20’ -+100’ beautiful formations with sea turtles and some of the most colorful overhangs in all of cozumel

Palancar Deep 40’ – +100’ beautiful formations and plenty of marine life

Paradise Reef  40’ -50’  reef runs parallel to the shore line and is a popular site for night dives

Punta Sur Reef 80’ –  +130’  devil’s throat deep wall, caves, caverns and fissures excellent boyance is needed to penetrate this serious of swim throughs in order to reach the Cathedral  A must do for serious divers.

San Juan Two 52’ – +100’ very strong currents only for advanced divers

San Juan Reef 69’ – 80’ very strong currents only for advanced divers

Santa Rosa Wall 33’ – +100’ strong currents with lots of life nestled into the wall, beautiful colors

Torments Reef 30’ – 69’ spread out reef many colorful sponges, good eyes will reveal many hidden creatures in the cracks and crevices of this reef

Yucab 40’ -70’ beautiful formations with large parrot fish

Yucab Wall  33’ – +100’ large groupers, swim thru very popular dive site, current bases on seasonal conditions.